Build Your Own Metal Building Parts

Affordable - Economical - Fast Way to Construct A New Building - Saves Money

We furnish the formed pieces as shown. You furnish the necessary tubing and sheet metal roof and siding to fit the size building you wish to construct.

All formed parts are made from 2-1/2" X 2-1/2" X 3/16" wall thickness square steel tubing. The parts are formed to make the necessary roof pitch and roof to wall connection. Also, two 3" high tubes are furnished for each wall section required for the length building you wish to construct. These are the tubes that mount to the base foundation angle (3" X 2" X 3/16" angle recommended) or a concrete footing.

The parts furnished for each section of your building are:

1.) Top Roof Truss Angle

Roof Truss Angle

One per Roof Truss Section

2.) Roof to Wall Tube

Roof To Wall Tube
Two per Roof to Wall Section

We recommend that no building section be further apart than 5 feet. Four feet spacing is recommended if there is excessive snow, ice or wind loads expected, otherwise a five foot spacing is OK.

3.) Wall to Base Angle Tube - Weld On Type

Wall to Base Angle
Two per Wall Section

Wall to Base Angle Tube - Bolt On Type

Wall to Base Angle
Two per Wall Section


It is not necessary to have a welder to assemble this building. All parts slide into each other. The sheetmetal, when securely screwed onto the erected framework of the building, will hold all the parts together. If a welder is available, it is much easier to weld the Base Angle Tubes to the base angle. If a welder is not available or the base angle is not used (not recommended), then bolt on - Base to Angle Tubes or can be furnished.

It is your responsibility to furnish:

  1. 2" X 2" X 11 ga. square steel tucing for the roof trusses and walls. These tubes should be cut to the proper width for building width and wall height. Most tubing comes in 20 foot lengths.

    The building width that produces the least waste is to cut the tubes 10' long. This produces a 24'2" width building when erected. Cut 8 foot long wall tubes. This makes a 10 foot high eve height when erected.

  2. 3" X 2" X 3/16" steel angle. This is the Base Angle that will be bolted to the concrete floor or footings. We recommend this angle because:
    It affords a much easier and accurate assembly of the building framework.
    Keeps everything in alignment.
    A sealer can be applied between the angle and floor to prevent water entry under the building sides and end walls.
  3. Sheet metal for roofing, side walls and end walls (26 or 29 ga.). We recommend that one use a metal that is roll corrugated to a net coverage of 3 feet per sheet. 3 foot net coverage works well for the roof ridge and roof to wall transition.
  4. Any miscellaneous items such as doors (walk in or drive in), windows, insulation, wiring, lighting, sheet metal screws, bolts, etc..


The following pictures show the parts in place within a building:

Roof Truss Angle
Views of the Roof Truss Angle and Roof Truss

This shows the roof angle in place at the top of the building. Note that the top sheet metal roofing sheet is centered 1/2 on each side of the roof crown. This fully covers the roof ridge of the building. It is also the first sheet to be placed when all the sections have been erected. The sections can be easily alligned using this first roof sheet as a guide.

Roof Truss Angle

The roof and side sheets can be purchased in lengths cut to size to fit the building length. This building has the sections set on 5 foot centers.

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Created: 12/24/2004
Revised: 11/06/2010