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We have been manufacturing the Delta Jig for the past 36 years.



Delta Heavy Duty Mechanical Mineral Concentrator Information

6" X 8" - 10" X 12" - 12" X 16" - 18" X 22" - 24" X 28" 42" X 42" Duplex Models

We are also a leading supplier of Jig Bedding Balls in various sizes to fit your needs.
NEW: We now have available Chrome Bedding Balls (No Rust)

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All models are custom built for high volume input and efficient hutch recovery. The duplex feature (2 cells per jig unit) offers a second concentrating cell to further recover any heavy minerals that may have passed the initial cell. Design characteristics are built into each machine taking into consideration each property's particular requirements for efficient mineral recovery. Only duplex models are offered as the two cells offer the most efficient and complete mineral recovery for the heavy metals/ores contained within the original material to be concentrated.

Each mining site/effort has its own set of circumstances that must be evaluated prior to building a jig machine or series of jig concentrators. An on site inspection is recommended prior to any placement of order for concentrating equipment.

Each Delta Mineral Jig is a self contained, highly efficient concentrating unit, consisting of cells or hutches for treating any material that is amenable to gravity separation. Alluvial material is the most common ore used over a jig. Each jig is shipped from our plant, fully assembled and ready for operation when delivered. Necessary requirements to put the machine in operation consists of placing it in a level position on a firm footing, hook up water supply, plug in the electric motor (supplied) and make provisions for a steady feed of material and facilities for adequate tailings discharge. Final working adjustments for diaphragm activity is easily accomplished by loosening one bolt per cell and selecting the stroke required to suit the optimum bed activity for the ore being recovered from the gangue material.

Due to the variable requirements of each mineral deposit, we do not supply the hutch bedding material (usually steel shot). Each application has its own peculiarities as well as customer preferences, therefore it is impossible to select a "standard" bedding material and/or shot size for all machines.

Alternately operating diaphragms, consisting of heavy duty, long life, 2 ply rubber diaphragms mounted directly over the hutch compartments. The entire unit is fabricated from steel plates with solid welded seems. Hutch water is supplied directly under the diaphragms. Adjustable stroke variation is easily and quickly obtained by a simple adjustment of the excentric. All working parts are provided with grease fittings for a long and smooth operating life.

End view (tailings end in foreground) shows overall view of beds and diaphragms. Bed support screens are heavy duty oil tempered woven wire. Wire openings can be specified by customer to agree with his particular ore separation requirement. The deeper the bedding, the cleaner the hutch product. Heavies are collected in the hutch by passing through the progressively opening and closing bed, augmented by the addition of bed shot or some heavy loose fitting material, then through the bed screen. The lighter gangue is discharged as tailings over the end chute, while the heavies fall into the hutch for continuous or interval extraction.

There is one thing that must be considered when determining the size of the jig(s) to be ordered. Can a steady feed of raw material be continually supplied during the entire run of the jig(s). A regulated steady flow of ore is needed. Surges of ore over the bed area will cause loss of valuable concentrates.

All models of DELTA jigs are built with the miner's needs in mind. There are no special parts used in any machine. Parts replacement if needed can easily be obtained locally, therefore there is no waiting period required to order special parts from the manufacturer.

How does a Delta Mineral Jig work? The following offers information on typical jig operations. Operation of the Delta Mineral Jig.

There are many ways to use mineral concentrating jigs in a mining recovery operation. As an example, please check out the following illustrations for ideas on the incorporation of jigs in the recovery system. Sample operating jig mill installation.


Estimated General Capacities:

Each mineral location has its own set of ore variables.
Delta Jig concentrators are custom built to accommodate each separate set of location concentration/recovery needs.

The following is a conservative estimate for each Delta Mineral Concentrator.

Model HZ-0608 6" X 8" Delta Duplex Jig Mineral Concentrator - Our newly introduced jig is particularly designed for testing and low volume concentrating.

.0333 Sq. Ft. Per Cell times 2
1/2 to 3/4 Ton Per Hour Per Cell times 2

Model HZ-1012 10" X 12" Delta Duplex Jig Mineral Concentrator

.8333 Sq. Ft. Per Cell times 2
2 Tons Per Hour Per Cell times 2

Model HZ-1216 12" X 16" Delta Duplex Jig Mineral Concentrator

1.33 Sq. Ft. Per Cell times 2
3.3 Tons Per Hour Per Cell times 2

Model HZ-1822 HZ 18" X 22" Delta Duplex Jig Mineral Concentrator

2.75 Sq. Ft. Per Cell times 2
7 Tons Per Hour Per Cell times 2

Model HZ-2428 24" X 28" Delta Duplex Jig Mineral Concentrator

4.3 Sq. Ft. Per Cell times 2
10 Tons Per Hour Per Cell times 2

Model PA-4242 42" X 42" Delta Duplex Jig Mineral Concentrator

12.25 Sq. Ft. Per Cell times 2
25 Tons Per Hour Per Cell times 2


Material: Per Bed - Duplex = times 2

2 to 2.5 Tons per square foot of bed area.

Water Requirements:

2 to 10 Gallons of water per square foot of bed area.

Bed Shot for the Delta Mineral Jig

Each individual ore property has its own set of circumstances that must be considered prior to determining the specific equipment requirements to successfully extract values from the ore. We offer the following as a suggested guide to consider when specifying / purchasing bedding for your Delta Mineral Jig.

Most jig shot normally consist of carbon steel. Also available are stainless or chrome alloy in sizes ranging from 1/4" to 5/16". We will be happy to quote pricing on any size and type bedding ball you require. Our prices are quite reasonable. We carry many carbon steel sizes in stock for immediate shipment. Carbon or stainless are normally available in 2 to 5 days from receipt of your order.

To determine the amount of shot needed for a particular jig, multiply bed length and width by the desired shot depth to obtain the cubic inches of the bed material needed. Use a bulk density of 0.167 lbs/cu in. as a guide to find total weight of shot for each bed of a duplex jig.

In general, the smaller the shot used, the finer the values that can be recovered. Smaller shot will also result in a reduced overall jig throughput capacity.

Example, a jig that normally uses 1/4" shot could be modified to 3/16" shot in order to recover values down to 100 mesh. The capacity of this same jig would then be reduced by at least 1/3 of its original throughput. The finer the shot (or bedding material) the finer and cleaner the hutch concentrate.

When jigging gold, silver and other metals, the feed should be preset so that the majority of anticipated gold particles reaching the screen will also pass through it. Balls should be nominally 0.030" or larger than the bed screen opening. For larger nuggets anticipated in the overall recovery - a nugget trap should be introduced into the feed, prior to passing over the jig bed.

Shot having fractional, in-between sizes or made of stainless steel, lead or other compositions are also available. Ores that have a quantity of natural magnetite (iron ore composition) can be considered as a bed substitute. It does not rust and remains free working even if left idle for a time. It is economical since it naturally occurs in the ores being processed. Since magnetite particle sizes are not consistent, the throughput capacity of the jig could be compromised.

Recommended standard size balls for Delta Jigs are: 1/8, 3/16, 1/4 and 5/16. Corresponding screen sizes should be specified for each jig bed.

It is recommended that the throughput material size over the jig should be screened to 1/2 minus or as close to that size as possible. Anticipated nugget recovery above 1/2 should be arranged for prior to or during the screening process plus the above mentioned nugget recovery just prior to introduction to the jig.

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